Halloween night is here and, as is tradition, we must celebrate it. You can put on a spooky costume and go trick-or-treating at houses with the mythical question “Trick or treat?” or attend a horror party with your friends and have a scary night

Trick or Treating?

Spooky recipes for Halloween night

We prefer to spend the night preparing terrifying dishes accompanied by ghosts and spirits that help us prepare them. If you are one of us and you like to spend Halloween night preparing and cooking a lot of fear, pay attention! Because we are going to leave you some chilling recipes, which will be accompanied by a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil to suck your fingers. But be careful, do not go to eat yours...

Sopa de crema de calabaza

Spooky pumpkin cream soup with pumpkin seeds and a touch of suspense

With this warm dish, as well as gloomy, we begin the list.

Preparation mode

Cook the pumpkin meat together with the carrots, potatoes and leeks in chicken broth, all cut into very thin slices. Add five cloves of garlic, 100 ml of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. We cook everything in a pressure cooker for 12 minutes and once cooked we grind it until we obtain the desired texture.

Recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Cladium Picudo variety

Mini salchichas momificadas

Mini mummified sausages with strips of bread and bloody ketchup sauce with mustard

One of our favourites. Don't be afraid to eat these little mummies, appearances are deceiving.

Preparation mode

Stretch the puff pastry on a flat surface and cut it into strips. Cut the sausages in half and cook them with an Extra Virgin that we will recommend below; Roll them up with the puff pastry, leaving the top free, so you can draw the face. Put the pieces in the preheated oven until the puff pastry is golden. Finally, use mustard or the sauce that you like the most to draw the eyes and eat.

Recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Water House Picual variety

Hamburguesas vivientes

living burgers

Who said a hamburger couldn't look you in the face and stick out its tongue? Ours have so much life that they are even scary!

Preparation mode

Cook the meat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cut a slice of cheese in a zigzag to make the shape of the teeth and place it on top of the meat to melt. Use pitted olives for the eyes and put red pepper in them to give the monster an angry, scary look. Cut a pickle lengthwise in half, to act as a tongue, and add tomato sauce to give it the effect of blood.

Recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Olive Park Gold Series Picuda-Hojiblanca variety

Perritos de dedos ensangrentados

bloody finger puppies

This dish is in our Top 3 of the most terrifying and original dishes. If you really want to scare your guests, this is the best option. They won't know if they're eating sausages or the fingers of some dead man...

Preparation mode

Heat the oven for five minutes to heat the bread, so that it will be crispy as well as hot. Cook the sausages in the pan or in the microwave (we recommend cooking them in the pan with a good EVOO) and, with the help of a knife, cut and draw the sausages so they have the shape of a finger (be careful not to cut yours) . Add tomato sauce for the blood effect and voila! to eat your fingers.

Recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil: La Aldea Don Gil Multivarietal

Homemade cake with pumpkin, strawberry and peach jam filling

Do you dare to try it? We can't think of a better way to end the night than with an insanely delicious dessert! This dish is the icing on the cake so that your guests can never forget this night.

Preparation mode

Grease a baking pan and beat the pumpkin puree with white sugar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then add the eggs and integrate everything very well. Then add the pumpkin jam and beat so that everything is completely incorporated. Bake for approximately 40 minutes. Beat the butter with the cream cheese and the vanilla, and once they are all well mixed, add the icing sugar little by little and mix. Add the milk, tablespoon by tablespoon, and beat until the mixture is somewhat thick. Finally, cover the cake with the mixture, making sure that it is well uniform.

Recommended Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Baeturia variety Manzanilla – Carresqueña

And for our part, it would already be. So happy night of the unliving and let the terror begin!

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