We believe in LOVE in capital letters. What does it matter if, as they say, it's the day of the "English Court", it doesn't matter if they think it's a cheesy day...

Valentine's day is the day of LOVE

What does it matter what others say if LOVE is real, it is the energy that moves the world, at the moment of truth it is the only thing that matters.

February 14, Valentine's Day it's a day like any other, yes, but it's a day we write down on the calendar to make it special, it's the day we stop to think a little more about the people we love, we put aside our problems and dress up our best smile… Why don't we put more days like this on our calendar? No one can stop it... Long live LOVE!

And in case you dare to celebrate this day without complexes, from Olive olive We suggest you uncover our boxes of delights and surprise your loved ones;

How about waking up in the morning and surprising yourself with a delicious breakfast of toast seasoned with an excellent oil, a good coffee to liven up the day, and above all the smile of the loved one to accompany you, or perhaps a romantic salad accompanied with the best oils in the light of your eyes... This is our proposal:

Cladium case for him and for her

Virgin olive oil Designation of Origin “Priego de Córdoba”.
Case that includes 2 Cans of Cladium 250 ml

Intense fruitiness of green olives, very aromatic and persistent. With a sweet entrance that gradually turns into a slight bitterness with a spicy touch.

Fruity with ripe tones, almond-shaped with aromas of green grass, apple and olive leaf. With a slightly spicy sweet entrance and a slight bitterness.


And how about being able to enjoy together the pleasure of eating with delicious and persistent flavors that remain in your memory and bring back memories of that first time you uncovered the box of essences.

southern nobility

Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Castellar (Jaén)
Hat box that includes 2 bottles of the picual and arbequina varieties of 350 ml.

Centenarium Premium
Picual variety that provokes an immediate sensation of clean and fruity fragrances of great aromatic complexity. With a very pleasant sweet entry, a light bitterness and spice that are very well balanced and a delicate and harmonic persistence over time.

Premium Arbequina
Delicate bright green oil with intense herbaceous and fruity aromas. Sweet fragrances like green apple, banana and green almond. Balanced bitter and spicy, with a very aromatic and persistent flavor.


Perhaps enjoy the warmth of home in the company of your loved ones around the table with a delicious meal made with extraordinary oils and lots of love, one of those that leave a mark.

Early green essential case the new one from Essentials to share with the family

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Peal de Becerro (Jaén, Spain) produced by the cooperative Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación.
This case includes three 500ml bottles of different varieties:

Essential Green Early Royal. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Royal variety with a mild flavor, intense fruitiness and very sweet on the palate.

Essential Early Green Picual. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Picual variety with intense and medium fruitiness in its bitterness and itching.

Essential Green Early Nature. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Picual variety of early harvest, intense fruity and golden green color.


We can also surprise and experiment with new flavors by uncovering the box of essences with all its exotic aromas and travel together to the East without moving from the sofa.

Oriental Collection Valderrama, case of 3 South Asian flavors

South Asian 200ml 3 Flavor Case

pandanus leaves
To give more flavor to woks or as a flavoring for your desserts or cakes.

Thai Red Curry
To enhance the flavor of stews, creams, soups, or pasta.

Thai Fresh Chili
A spicy and warm touch to dishes such as rice, pasta, ramen.

Created together with chef Alberto Chicote, oils from the fusion of the highest quality extra virgin oils, arbequina, with fruits and fresh vegetable products from Asian cuisine.


How about mixing the best of two worlds, fantasy and haute cuisine. One of the best oils in the world and a box illustrated by Adam Pollina, cartoonist of Marvel, a perfect gift.

Marvel gift box with extra virgin olive oil brand EXTTRA PICUAL 500 ml

extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety, winner of the Olive Japan 2020 Gold Medal Award, which comes in a luxury Case, Exclusive limited edition of 1,000 units, made in a box lined with rigid and durable materials.


There are many options to give and savor together, such as this beautiful, evocative case full of nuances that the artist Ana Jarén has designed exclusively for Exttra.

Ana Jarén + EXTTRA PICUAL EVOO Box of 500 ml

Case from the Exttra Picual 2020 collection, a case to preserve and fill with memories and that also has inside an extraordinary oil winner of the Olive Japan 2020 Gold Medal Award.

Picual Extract: Fresh and intoxicating aroma of grass and tomato. Sweet entry of green notes with a slightly bitter and spicy finish.


Or we can surprise the other with what looks like a box of perfume that, when uncovered, not only has a delicious aromatic sensation but can also be savored in countless moments...

L'oli Ferrer Essence Organic early harvest and organic balsamic vinegar

Gift box with two 100 ml glass bottles.

Organic Essence Oil
It is an organic extra virgin olive oil of early harvest, intensely fresh and with a prolonged sensation, with a strong personality, balanced and complex. Dark green color with hints of gold, persistent taste and great aromatic quality, intensely fruity on the nose and mouth, aromas of green olives, with notes of tomato, almonds, avocado and spices such as coriander. It comes from the “Les Garrigues” area.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic arbequina olives 100%. On the palate it is pleasant, slightly spicy and has a great balance between sweet and bitter. The maximum acidity is 0.2º.

Pedro Ximénez Organic Balsamic Vinegar
Mahogany color, fruity with sweet touches and aromas typical of the variety. Peter Jimenez like raisins, caramel and honey. It has notes of aging in American oak, and in the mouth a subtle balance between the natural sweetness of the grape and the acidity.

Ideal for cold soups, salads, marinades, marinated dishes, game dishes, red meats, and to accompany cooked dishes, foie gras and desserts with red fruits.


We hope you enjoy our extraordinary oils a lot and above all that you continue to fall in love with them every day.

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