Aromas y colores del aceite


Extra virgin olive oils present a wide range of aromas and flavors that distinguish them

Range of aromas and flavors

The aroma that reminds us of the smell of healthy and fresh olives with which the oil has been made is called “fruity”. The fruitiness of a virgin olive oil will be more or less intense depending on the degree of maturation of the olives with which it is made.

Each variety of olive has its aroma or “fruity” characteristic. In the aroma of the different oils we can find notes that remind us of various fruits such as almonds, apples or citrus fruits, plants such as fig trees and tomatoes, as well as green notes that remind us of leaves or freshly cut grass.

Aroma del aceite

As for his taste, extra virgin olive oils present a great diversity, from very mild oils and "sweet", to others with more body, with notes of "bitterness" and "itch" of various intensities.

When we talk about “sweetness” of an oil we do not refer exactly to a sugary taste, but to a sensation of softness accompanied sometimes by notes of green or dry almonds.

The "bitterness" of an oil reminds us of leaves or freshly cut grass. The "itchy" of olive oil is a tactile itching sensation characteristic of oils made from olives in the ripening phase.

The type of soil, the geographical and climatic conditions and the degree of maturity of the olives will contribute to each harvest and each place a large number of varied nuances.

The possibility of combining the characteristics of different oils, some sweeter with others more bitter and pungent, for example, allows oil masters to create a wide variety of oils. They are oils with a specific aroma and flavor profile that can be maintained campaign after campaign. Something similar to what in wine is called “blend” or assembly.

The color of olive oil varies from pale yellow to intense green, but the color tells us nothing about the characteristics of its aroma and flavor that we will only discover by tasting it.

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